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How the Microsoft IQ Tests Work

These tests are completely anonymous - at no time will you have to log on to a site or submit any personal details.

You will be given between 10 and 20 multiple choice questions to answer, depending on the test you choose. Simply answer the questions as best you can in whatever order you like - there is no time limit, but the test shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.

When you 've finished

When you have finished your test, you can:

  • see your score;
  • see how well you did relative to others taking the test; and
  • see which training course(s) would be most appropriate for you. 

A typical report at the end of your test might look like this:

Excel Test Result

We hope you enjoyed this test - here are your results:

Date of test: October 10th 20xx
Start time: 10:20 am GMT
Time taken: 8 minutes 15 seconds
Test taken: Microsoft Excel
Marks scored: 7/10

You have scored better than 82% of others who have taken this test. Based on this score you are an advanced Excel user.

Who should take this test

This test is ideal if:

  • You want to know which training course to book onto, but you're not sure what you already know
  • You want to find out if a member of your staff really knows what their CV claims
  • You're just curious about how much Excel, Access, PowerPoint or Word you really know!

What to do now

To choose a test to take, please return to the Test your Microsoft IQ home page, then click on one of the icons to start your test!


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