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Microsoft Word IQ Test - Syllabus

This Microsoft Word test covers the following topics. You can click on any link to see a sample question.

Creating documentsYou can use Word to create letters, reports and faxes … any written document, in fact!
Paragraphs, styles and templatesParagraph layouts include changing paragraph indentation, tabs, numbering and line spacing. You can make these changes permanent by saving them as part of a style within a template.
TablesTables range from the simple (a simple grid) to the complex (nested tables, formulae in tables and tables containing graphics).
Pages and sectionsPage layouts include adding headers and footers to your page, adding page borders and changing page margins. You can use sections to create different headers on different pages, or to create columns.
Drawings and graphicsYou can import graphics into Word - getting them to behave the way you want is another matter altogether!
Special featuresWord includes a whole host of special tools, allowing you to run mail merges, add captions to figures, cross-reference and index documents … and much more.

Typically there will be a few questions from each topic, of varying levels of difficulty. The answers at the end are analysed by group (so you might find out, for example, that you are a whizz at creating documents but that you don't know much about special features).  Don't worry if you can't answer all of the questions - the bar is set quite high!

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