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Microsoft Access IQ Test - Syllabus

This Microsoft Access test covers the following topics. You can click on any link to see a sample question.

Table and database designAn Access database consists of lots of tables linked together, each of which contains fields. Tables can be linked together using relationships.
General topicsAn Access database consists of tables, queries, forms, reports and macros, although it is linking these together to get a complete system which is the difficult bit.
QueriesQueries allow you to extract information from any table, sorted into the correct order and with just the relevant records extracted. In addition to normal queries to select data, there are five other types of query in Access - crosstab, append, make table, delete and update.
Form designForms in Access provide an easy way for other users to edit and view your tables. Forms can also contain subforms, allowing you to show data from more than one table at the same time.
Report designYou can create reports in Access to allow you to print data out in an easy-to-read format, or use subreports to combine information from lots of places on the same page.

Typically there will be a few questions from each topic, of varying levels of difficulty. The answers at the end are analysed by group (so you might find out, for example, that you are a whizz at table and database design but that you don't know much about report design).  Don't worry if you can't answer all of the questions - the bar is set quite high!

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