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Microsoft Excel IQ Test - Syllabus

This Microsoft Excel test covers the following topics. You can click on any link to see a sample question.

Formulae and range namesYou can combine functions and formulae in Excel to create calculations, or use range names to label cells and make your formulae easier to read.
Presentation and printingExcel gives you a wide range of formatting tools to allow you to present your work in the best possible light, and tools like page break preview allow you to print your worksheets exactly as you want.
Data, lists and pivot tablesYou can sort and filter lists in Excel, as well as subtotalling them and creating pivot tables.
ChartsCharts in Excel allow you to present data graphically. You can create anything from simple line charts to complex combination 3-dimensional doughnut charts!

Typically there will be a few questions from each topic, of varying levels of difficulty. The answers at the end are analysed by group (so you might find out, for example, that you are a whizz at formulae and range names but that you don't know much about charts).  Don't worry if you can't answer all of the questions - the bar is set quite high!

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