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Test your Microsoft PowerPoint IQ

Slide shows and animations in Microsoft PowerPoint

You can create slide shows to include transition effects and animations (so, for example, drawings can fly in from the right or suddenly appear on screen).

To help you decide whether you want to take this test, below is a typical question showing the sort of question that you might be asked.

The diagram below shows one way to run a slide show - you can click on the third tool from the right. 


What is the difference between running a slide show this way, and choosing to view a slide show from the normal View menu? 

  A.   Action buttons will be disabled (so hyperlinks to other slides will not work)
  B.   The slide show will run without any transition or animation effects
  C.   The slide show will start from the current slide, whereas with the normal method you see the whole presentation from start to finish
  D.   There isn't one - they both work exactly the same way

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